Independent Thinkers TESTING information

FAQ (you must read this first)

Rules and suggestions that your family agrees to abide by when signing up for testing.

What do I need to
send in to REGISTER?


Who should TEST?

When will I know if my family is REGISTERED?

Why should my child TEST?

What DATES are the tests given?

What are the FEES for testing

Where is testing held?

How Do I VOLUNTEER to help?

When do I get my child's results?

What will I get in my envelope with the results?

Should my child practice/prepare for the test?

What should I look forward to on the first test day?

My TEENAGER would like to drive themselves. What do I need to do?

Why High school students should take the test.

What areas might be covered on the test? What should my child have learned this past year? What should we be working on next year?

Sample FCAT tests....not like the IOWA test but sample tests are FREE.